Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Morning, 5 Things

When I first began this blog I had plans to do a "5 Things" recurring feature where I made random lists of simple pleasures/my favorite things, etc.- and just never actually got started on it. But the other day, this was just the kick start I needed. So here goes...

1. bringing fresh flowers home

2. sleeping in

3. driving with the windows down

4. freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies

5 . the sea

What are some of your simple pleasures/favorite things?


debbie said...

i love your 5 things, especially 1 and 2. i always mean to bring flowers home, it just makes the home so much more cozy.

i would add to that, bring my camera everywhere. :)

Kate said...

Great post!

Where did you get your flowers? I couldn't find any and had to resort to the pitiful selection at Hanaford. Booooo!

kim said...

that picture was actually taken this past summer.....i got them from the farmer's market...i know some of the farmers (family friends) and they sell really beautiful flowers all summer long!

Brenda Heisler said...


Nice list and photos.

for me:
a day without the phone
my favorite sweater
my favorite perfume
hearing a child giggle
my evening hot cocoa



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