Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hit It!

I bought a new tennis racquet today.

It's red.

It's totally old school.

It's totally awesome.

Now I just need to bribe some friends to play with me.

photo seen here

Down the Rabbit Hole

Starting to get really excited for this...

I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton and everything they create. They can do no wrong.

Linda & Harriett

Beautiful new designs from one of my favorite letterpress paperies, Linda & Harriett. It's impossible to choose!

These adorable dresses are made from recycled letterpress scraps - no two are alike.

Monday, June 29, 2009

oh my...

hello and happy monday to you all. can you believe the beauty of this 1920s - style wedding? it is close to unbelievable. and it's all made even more gorgeous by the photography of josh goleman. (more here and here). she is the perfect flapper, and with that hairstyle doesn't she look just like edie sedgwick? i'm sorry, i've never seen an event so stunning. excuse me for a moment...i need to catch my breath...

seen on bliss

stone & honey

Well, it's happened. I've found the most beautiful necklace on the planet (the one at the top of this post). As soon as I get a little extra cash...

Eagerly Awaiting

Here's the first press still from Natalie Portman's short in New York, I Love You. You all saw Paris, Je t'aime, oui?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Weekend!

It's the end of the first official week of summer! This weekend I'm looking forward to checking out some great artwork at the galleries in Troy, sipping cocktails on a restaurant patio with friends, a stoop sale on my street (stop by!), and the purchase of a new car!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

photos by dan martensen, via lolita

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Brothers Bloom

Tonight I went to see The Brothers Bloom. Overall, the movie is pretty perfect, and visually it's fantastic. The colors, locations, and fashion make it a cinematic feast for the eyes. Rachel Weisz was adorable, the men were sexy in crisp blacks and whites, and Rinko Kikuchi, well, Bang Bang was just plain awesome. It's one of those movies - like The Royal Tenenbaums -that's hard to place in any one specific time period. It looks like it could have taken place during the 60's, or 70's, or today.

It was gorgeous. I laughed and laughed. I love this movie!

I'm pretty sure each one of Rachel Weisz's outfits in the movie included at least one predominant vintage piece (or a new item directly created from an old design), like a dress or a coat. There was a pinkish-orange dress in one scene that was straight out of the 60's, but I haven't been able to find a picture of it.

Patterns & Colors on Fabric, Oh My!

I'm in the market for some fabric. Just look at these gorgeous patterns from Anna Maria Horner. Oh, I could easily spend a fortune to surround myself with such beautiful colors and prints.


Summertime themed wallpapers over at Kindred, designed by some favorite artists including Alicia Bock, Mrs. French, and some other insanely talented folks. Enjoy!



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