Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is why I live here

Ok, it's not the ONLY reason, but it's definitely one of the biggest.

Daily Tidbits

"it is pretty clear that you need cake.... i believe in everyday cake."

i completely agree with this statement
(unfortunately, my waistline does not).


thoughts on today:
- i'm excited to be getting my first three rolls of film from my holga back tomorrow (some of the pictures dating back to october & november!)
- they've been filming scenes for the new angelina jolie movie in my town for the past week or so. i'm a total angie groupie.
- going to see about a new bike this afternoon
- temperatures are going to be in the mid 60's today, much nicer than 90s for April.
- the daffodils and famous albany tulips are in full swing. the trees have blossomed and the lilac bushes behind my house are full of tiny buds. i love the newness of spring.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Frances May

I adore these simple, classic pieces from Frances May.

The website says the boutique "strives to bridge the gap between form and function, trend and timelessness, elegance and edge."


Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've mentioned their tasty treats before, but what I love equally as much about this neighborhood bakery is the impeccable decor and beautiful design elements that seem to constantly be changing. The crisp whites, shiny reflective glass, and simple details provide a stunning backdrop to what is already an exceptional experience (noshing on those oh-so-fresh pastries). Oh, and everyone who works there is really friendly, too.

If you live in the Albany area and you haven't been yet, well, you just have to go. I seriously frequent this place way too often...I can't stay away. But really, why would I want to?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

the sweet life

Just a few more photos from last weekend in New York.

Do you ever notice, the more you get, the more you want? That's what's been happening to me lately with the whole vacation thing. I went away, and now that I'm back, all I want to do is pack my bags and take off again.


There is still some time to pick up your own set of the latest Print + Press pairing!

I recently found out that I'll be attending a wedding in a couple months, so of course that's got me thinking about dresses.

There's more than one thing I'd like to own from this pretty little vintage shop.

Have any of you seen any good movies lately you'd like to suggest? I've gotten bored with my Netflix queue...

It's a sunshiny day in my neighborhood and I need to get outside!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

Phew! The first week back to work after a nice vacation is always rough. I'm happy to call today Friday. And, the sun is finally shining today after a week of very dreary weather.

My weekend will definitely include a bike ride, some spring cleaning, and checking out both of these exhibits.

Happy weekend, lovelies!

photo here

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Give-Away Over at Bliss!

Stewart + Brown is offering an Earth Day give-away over at Bliss. Head over for your chance to win! (Before 10pm tomorrow).

::crosses fingers::

Grocery Totes at R. Nichols

In celebration of Earth Day, R. Nichols is having a one day sale on these adorable Grocery Totes ($15 each, regularly $24 - $28).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring in the City


Remember the time I was hired to teach school in New York, but then ended up not moving there for various reasons?...Ah well, I can't be too sad about it, and I try not to look back. Of course it was the right decision at the time. And I'm still left with a great place to visit whenever I want!

I love New York, and never more than in Springtime.

Beach Neutrals & Happy Monday

It's funny how the sky & ocean can be different colors on different days, or at different times of day. The beach photos above were taken the afternoon after a major storm on my third day in Florida. We had torrential rains, damaging winds, tornado warnings, and afterward the sky was very gray. There was a sort of surreal quality to it.

Have a wonderful start to the week, everyone.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming Home

Hello Hello.

I made it home last night after a sun-filled week & a (very) long train up the east coast, including a stop in nyc where I spent the majority of the day wandering the streets, camera in tow (#24 on the list). I do so love New York in the springtime.

Over the past week I spent way too many hours in the sun, took way too many pictures, ate way too much (fried) seafood, read a heartbreakingly beautiful book by a favorite author, and got way too little sleep. While the beaches, perfectly warm temperatures, blue skies and good food were all grand, it's always nice to come back home. I realized that what I'm going to miss most about being away is the mindset that always comes with being on vacation - I do wish that I could hold onto that carefree feeling for just a bit longer. As soon as the skyline of my city came into view, all of the things that were pleasantly absent from my thoughts over the past week were suddenly present again, and I must say, I wasn't eager to have them back. It seems you really can outrun your problems, for a little while anyway, but when you come back they are inevitably there waiting for you. So while I'm happy to be home, I find myself wishing that I was still running just out of reach of my thoughts.

I hope you all had a lovely week. Things are starting to turn green & bloom around my neighborhood. I'll be posting more photos from my trip over the upcoming week, after I've regained a bit of energy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At the Beach...

I'm leaving this cold rain (and snow!) behind for some sun & sand...and especially hoping that when I return Spring will actually have arrived in upstate NY. My packing list includes:

- 3 cameras
- film
- a few good books
- ipod
- dresses: light & airy

See you all back here in a week and a half! xo

Your Eyes Are Burning Holes Through Me


Is there a human being on the planet more beautiful than Michael Stipe? I have a longstanding infatuation with the man - at least thirteen years - and counting. In high school, when most pubescent girls were swooning after the boy band set, I was lost in fantasies about Mr. Stipe. Oh sure, it started out innocent enough. I was a huge R.E.M fan and listened to the albums almost constantly. And then, well, it went beyond the music. Let's just say my fantasies about meeting him did not involve going up on stage, or asking for an autograph, or anything at all to do with music, really. The man oozes sex. I literally spent hours just looking at him; he is completely mesmerizing.

The Sartorialist caught up with the ever-so-fashionable musician last week. Still sexy.



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