Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming Home

Hello Hello.

I made it home last night after a sun-filled week & a (very) long train up the east coast, including a stop in nyc where I spent the majority of the day wandering the streets, camera in tow (#24 on the list). I do so love New York in the springtime.

Over the past week I spent way too many hours in the sun, took way too many pictures, ate way too much (fried) seafood, read a heartbreakingly beautiful book by a favorite author, and got way too little sleep. While the beaches, perfectly warm temperatures, blue skies and good food were all grand, it's always nice to come back home. I realized that what I'm going to miss most about being away is the mindset that always comes with being on vacation - I do wish that I could hold onto that carefree feeling for just a bit longer. As soon as the skyline of my city came into view, all of the things that were pleasantly absent from my thoughts over the past week were suddenly present again, and I must say, I wasn't eager to have them back. It seems you really can outrun your problems, for a little while anyway, but when you come back they are inevitably there waiting for you. So while I'm happy to be home, I find myself wishing that I was still running just out of reach of my thoughts.

I hope you all had a lovely week. Things are starting to turn green & bloom around my neighborhood. I'll be posting more photos from my trip over the upcoming week, after I've regained a bit of energy.


Little Gray Pixel said...

Too much fun in the sun? Never! I do wish we could bottle the vacay carefreeness you mentioned. It's worth more than gold.

Anonymous said...

welcome home! sounds like a lovely trip.



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