Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 things to do before the end of my 26th year

I've been working on this list for a while now (inspired by Andrea), and since my next birthday is only 4 months away, I decided to give myself until the end of that year to complete the things listed here.

1. read two classics (done: the grapes of wrath & peter pan)
2. pick my own (done)
3. spend an afternoon in a museum by myself
4. make & maintain an inspiration board (done, kind of)
5. send more handwritten letters & cards
6. take pictures with holga & develop more film (working on)
7. see a movie at the drive-in
8. make my photos available for sale in a local shop (done, at my show!)
9. travel by train (done, 26 hour trip home from florida in april)
10. have a picnic in a cemetery
11. take a class
12. get my own photo exhibit in a gallery/art show (done)
13. throw a party (done)
14. sport a pixie-style haircut (done)
15. sit in the balcony at scotia cinema (it's been years)
16. get a massage (done)
17. fly a kite
18. be a guerilla artist
19. try one new recipe a week
20. do a better job maintaining my vegetable garden
21. give a handmade item as a gift
22. witness something awe-inspiring
23. install photoshop on my computer
24. wander around new york city for an afternoon with my camera (done)
25. eat at every place in the jar at least once

What are some things you'd like to do before your next birthday?

photos by danske


-S said...

2) I've done it so many times, I can help.
7) Done in Malta, but we are going to need your car :)
10) Done as kid, not doing it again, it's creepy.
12) This year?! :)
13) Yes! Put plastic wrap on your whole apartment :)
17) Wait, that's supposed to be tonight, doh!
21) Thank you, that felt good.
22) You are welcome.
25) You have Justin's 3 times in that jar!

Michelle said...

ohhh, great list! Suggestion, go to the park, and tie a small camera to the kite...I did that, sooo fun.

Little Gray Pixel said...

I'm interested in No. 12. Lemme know how you go about that; I'm hoping to do the same thing in the future.

renee said...

ooh, i love the restaurant jar idea! what a great way to break out of a dining rut. we go to the same places all the time (for good reason).

you are inspiring me to make a similar list. mine will have to be "before my 36th year". yikes.

you will have to keep us posted on your progress!

kim said...

i definitely will! my plan is to try to document everything i finish from the list with a photograph. i cant wait to see your list!! definitely check out andrea's (link in post), she is where i got my inspiration and she has lists going back 3 or 4 years!

the restaurant jar was created because too many times, my friends and i couldnt decide where to eat. it's for those times when you can both think of ten different places that are good, but you just cant decide which one to go to! it's also a way to throw new places into the mix. i actually do the "lottery" system for other things, like when trying to decide which movie to go see, etc. maybe this comes from the fact that i am an elementary school teacher by day...haha!

naturally nina said...

Great list! I recently posted one too, it's so fun! :)

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