Monday, February 16, 2009

Feather Report

Aahh! What a fantastic, original idea for a blog! I love, love, love Feather...Fashion + Weather = Feather, the latest endeavor from The Lil Bee. She pulls together outfits & provides fashion inspiration based on the weather forecast for the next day. How lucky I am that she just happens to be living in New York, so our forecasts will always be similar!

Wednesday: Wintry mix to rain, high 35 degrees

Friday: Partly cloudy, afternoon snow shower, high 36 degrees

Monday: Sunshine and colder, high 43 degrees


Nicole said...

I swear just this morning I was thinking "I wish there was a site I could go to instead of that would just tell me 'skirt, sweater, boots' or 'pants, heels, long sleeved shirt'. This blog looks amazing. Although I think it's going to make me jealous of all the clothes I don't have...
Thanks for the great link!

The Lil Bee said...

Thank you so much for featuring Feather on your blog! What a treat:) And, Nicole, your sentiment is exactly what prompted me to start Feather. I never had any idea what "40° and chance of showers" meant! Much easier this way:) xx

kim said...

it's such a great idea, and you have great taste! thanks for sharing with all of us, and thanks for stopping by my blog!



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