Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Your Eyes Are Burning Holes Through Me


Is there a human being on the planet more beautiful than Michael Stipe? I have a longstanding infatuation with the man - at least thirteen years - and counting. In high school, when most pubescent girls were swooning after the boy band set, I was lost in fantasies about Mr. Stipe. Oh sure, it started out innocent enough. I was a huge R.E.M fan and listened to the albums almost constantly. And then, well, it went beyond the music. Let's just say my fantasies about meeting him did not involve going up on stage, or asking for an autograph, or anything at all to do with music, really. The man oozes sex. I literally spent hours just looking at him; he is completely mesmerizing.

The Sartorialist caught up with the ever-so-fashionable musician last week. Still sexy.


-S said...

Ha ;) Didn't know that, I don't hear that much REM at your place. We play a tons of REM in Army of Sizzling Weasels btw!

kim said...

oh yes, oh yes.

i had a life-size poster of him hanging on the ceiling ABOVE my bed. it was a black and white photo...i spent long hours in that bed...Ah, fond memories....


this may come as a surprise to you, but you haven't heard ALL of the music i own. you'll be hearing it soon, don't worry. ;)

Kate said...

Oh man, Kim. If you only knew...the fantasies.

kim said...

kate, i DO know...TRUST me!!! :-P

'jandro said...

oh, trust k, I understand the stipe fascination. *sigh*

leah said...

there are so many of us out there! i too had him plastered on the wall by my bed. long time love. yum-mo.



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