Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Dolled Up

I very badly want to wear this dress...

...with this bracelet.

Unfortunately, at the moment I have nowhere to go in such attire. The wedding I'm attending next month, perhaps?
{both pieces, jcrew}


JMP said...

You have to make occasions to wear fancy dresses! That's what I've decided. Declare your own made-up holiday as an excuse to dress up. Or dress up for cocktails on a lazy weekend afternoon!

CAPow said...

that dress is gorgeous! ...i might have to track one down to wear to a wedding I'm going to in November!

jess said...

it's beautiful! I agree with JMP, make your own occasion - go to a nice lunch, a walk in the park...does it really matter?!

Char said...

gorgeous!!! I would have to create an occasion too - perhaps a celebrate of some sort with a sweetie or a group of girls where you all could dress up?



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