Monday, June 8, 2009


Today I'm walking around with my nose buried in a bunch of peonies. I have great vases of them around the apartment. As I sit at my desk, I am gazing and sniffing. I grew up with peony and lilac bushes bordering our property, which is perhaps why I love them so much. They are my absolute favorite flower in the entire world, and they last for such a short period of time. I will surround myself with them until they are gone.

A caption I read in this photo set read, "Peonies are the greatest luxury."

I completely agree.


denise said...

ooooooo. ahhhhhhhh. very pretty.

Char said...

gorgeous - just thinking of the last as a bridal bouquet.

O. said...

Our friends brought peonies from their yard when they came for dinner the other night. They smell divine; I can only imagine how lovely it would be to have them throughout the apt. Lucky girl :)

Kate said...

This post just made me so happy because I planted three new peony bushes this past weekend. Can't wait for flowers!!!

kim said...

char - i've always dreamed about using peonies at my wedding for bouquets, centerpieces, etc., but they start to drop petals so quickly im not sure how well they would hold up! i'd love to hear if anyone has had any experience with this in the past.

kate - ooohh, yay! what color(s)?



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