Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Love, Part 1

Well, it's officially summer. Right around this time I usually start getting really impatient for fall...I love spring but I'm not the hugest fan of the sticky, sweaty humidity that comes with upstate New York summers. (A life lived without air conditioning - in either house or car - will do that to you). That being said, I thought I'd put together a special "5 Things" series listing the things I DO so adore about the sunniest season...

1. fireflies on a still night

2. ice cream cones (i like mine with sprinkles)

3. saturday morning farmer's markets

4. the freshest flowers

5. drive-in movies

I guess I do love summer.

What are some of your favorite things about summer? I'd love to hear.


Daniel B. said...

While I do not particularly like sweating my a** off anytime I go outdoors...

I do love the long cold showers I take when I get home to cool down and rinse the sticky sweat away.

denise said...

the long long days...

jess said...

Drive in movies for the win!

I'm so glad I live in an area that has multiple drive in movie theaters still in operation...not to mention that the Malta Drive In has the cheapest, yet still tasty, food ever

kim said...

today was THE perfect day for a cool-off shower.

i still havent made it to a drive-in movie yet this summer because of all the rain we've been getting here in albany, but i want to go soo badly!



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