Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday & 5 Things: Winter Edition

Happy Friday, and hooray for the days beginning to get just a little bit longer! Tiny reminders that Spring will eventually come around again...

Is it just me, or is everybody else really craving all sorts of comfort food lately? This collection of recipes could prove to be very dangerous {oh, Martha}.


As I've said before, I start to lose my tolerance for the Upstate New York winters right around January 1st. So in honor of January, February, and March, and in an attempt to keep from developing SeasonalAffectiveDisorder, a new 5 Things list consisting of the simple pleasures that make winter so darn "special."

1. scarves
2. boots
3. the magic at christmastime
4. snow days
5. the excitement & anticipation for spring that can only be felt when you live in a place where the winters are dark and cold


oh, and check out Andrea's new list.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

images from Grass Doe <3

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