Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Love, Part 2

Things I absolutely adore about summer, part two.
{In case you missed it: part one}.

1. picnics

2. cooking over a charcoal grill & dining with friends on the sidewalk out front (#13 on the list)

3. lemonade

4. roasting marshmallows over a campfire

5. stoop sales


How about you?


denise said...

i'm curious about "stoop sales". are they similar to garage sales, or something entirely different?

kim said...

haha, stoop sale is like a yard sale for those of us who dont have a yard, but only have a stoop on the sidewalk! (aka urbanites) :P

denise said...

i see. i am currently a yardless and garageless urbanite and just assumed i was out of luck as far as such sales go. now i have a new idea! stoop sale. thanks!

kim said...

oooo, they are so great! i had one a couple saturdays ago. i was only out for a couple hours before it started raining and i had to take things back inside, unfortunately, but not before selling a few items and making about $25! i'm planning on rescheduling for another saturday later this summer. :)



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