Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's on my Christmas List

i'm trying to keep my christmas list to a minimum this year. last year things got way out of hand and i felt a bit disillusioned when it was all over with. so, this time 'round im keeping it simple - just a few, lovely things to make me smile. i'm all moved in to a new place, which is quite small, so the last thing i need is more "stuff" lying around. i'm finding that this year, i'm drawn to gifts that provide me with inspiration...

Book: The Gentle Art of Domesticity, by Jane Brocket of yarnstorm.
Read a lovely review of the book here.

Beautiful Photography Book: A Year of Mornings - 3191 Miles Apart

DVD: My possibly-favorite-movie-of-all-time, Amelie


He Gives Us Manna said...

I promise i'm not a blog stocker...I just hit "next blog" and yours came up. Then you just posted again...a great book!! I will have to put this book on my Christmas list. :)

Kim said...

thanks! i cant believe you found my blog so quickly! im actually just in the process of starting it! :-D

renee said...

inspirational gifts are totally where it's at. i also want that year of mornings book. it looks beautiful.

congrats on your new blog!

Kim said...

thanks renee!



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