Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Paper Sparrow

Yesterday was a gray, rainy day, so I decided to stop at one of my favorite area shops for a little cheering up. The Paper Sparrow in Troy NY "exists primarily as an outlet for shoppers to buy handmade, one of a kind items and to do so affordably." I just love this store. Kate, the store's owner, offers handmade items from both local and non-local sellers, including jewelry, handbags, pottery, soaps, home goods, artwork, gift wrap, etc. The great thing about this store is that everything is surprisingly affordable. When I'm in there, I have to stop myself from snatching up too many items because everything is so cheap - I could easily accumulate an armload to take home with me!

Yesterday's purchases included an adorable little fabric pouch ($12, sewn by Kate) and a tiny little ceramic dish ($8), which will be perfect for holding hair pins, loose change, etc.

The Paper Sparrow also offers classes. This month they'll be holding a Beginner's Knitting class, and for those who are a little more advanced - Knitting Mittens! I'm excited to report that I'll be attending the "beginner's" class.

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Kate said...

wowee! Thanks!!!



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