Monday, November 24, 2008

Etsy Crawl: Winter Accessories

Over the weekend I was out around town quite a bit attempting to take pictures in the bitter, bitter cold. It seems that the last leaf has fallen and winter has arrived overnight! I'm not a girl who likes the cold very much, and not at all after New Year's Day (although I do require chilly temps and at least some snow for the oh-so-magical December 25th). I hate to see fall go. It's time for my mind to shift gears and start seeking out those cozy hats, scarves, and mittens. Here are some cold-weather accessories I'm especially liking today...

Scarflette by TickledPinkKnits

Neo-victorian fingerless gloves by Corpseknit

Black Linen Cloche by liza rietz

Snuggly Warm Merino Armwarmers by overcast

Neckwarmer by UrbanKnit

two-toned neck warmer by kaylim


Urbanknit said...

thanks for putting my cowl in the collection!

Kim said...

i love it! it's beautiful and looks soo cozy :)



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