Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to school, back to work

Where did the summer go? Sigh. At least Fall brings so many great things along with it, even if it does mean back to the regular ol' grind.

For toting books & papers (and computer) back and forth to the coffee house

For kicking through leaves and trudging through apple orchards

For fun!

For sipping tea in hopes of easing my ever-present soar throat from October through March


kater said...

I bought a shirt today that is perfect for things like, you know, apple orchards and wooden barns and maybe making friends with goats.


Want that tote, those boots.

Kim said...

uggghh i am so in love with that tote - ok, all of them. and so wishing i had one to take with me to school this week! right now i'm marking the first one down on my list for santa, if i can wait that long. december seems far off.

on another note, i saw someone with a widow's peak today and noticed it only because of our conversation the other day. vampire hair!



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