Monday, August 24, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time

It's my third favorite national holiday (behind Christmas and Halloween)....

J.Crew Fall Collection Time!!

That oh so special time of year when I know the sweaty, I-can-barely-breathe-it's-so-hot-days are limited in number and soon I'll be able to pull on a sweater, a jacket, layer up with dresses and skirts and tights - Oh My! Today as I wandered through the store, running my hands over the perfect tees, stretch knits, and cashmere cardigans, I could barely contain myself. I left with these pants, but I'll be back for more. A teacher needs her fall wardrobe, after all.

What I'm coveting right now:

these tights (I'm just going to have to get them)

these "toothpick" cords

The outfit I could wear every day and not get sick of:

Bring on the cooler weather!


kater said...

I just bought those pants as well! Their destroyed boyfriend chino is also really nice--it's so comfy and slouchy, really effortless. They're also on promo right now :D

kim said...

you're kidding! you just bought those pants, too!? going in and trying on clothes actually made me sort of depressed because everything was way to small on me -- a direct result of eating way too much crisan, etc., and wearing dresses all summer long. :-x yikes!

jess said...

oh man i so want that yellow jacket!

debbie said...

those pants are so perfect, i would wear them every day to work.



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