Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet As Pie

tonight we ate mac & cheese,
drank lemon-mint champagne,
watched four hours of twin peaks,
and devoured an entire pie.

bon voyage, amy & matthew!


Anonymous said...

Mmm, i took the pic with this sweety pie for my pc wallpaper, thank you:)

Daniel B. said...

I am trying to imagine lemon-mint champagne. It looks beautiful. And sounds refreshing for a warm Albany night.

How did it work with the Mac and cheese?

It's hard to watch Twin Peaks without thinking about pie though. Well done to have some on hand.

Amy said...

It worked PERFECTLY with the mac and cheese!

jess said...

sounds delicious!

mac & cheese is by far my favorite meal. I hear Hatties in Saratoga makes a mean mac & cheese on Tuesday nights - I'm not sure if its served with champagne though :)



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