Saturday, February 27, 2010

Please Watch Tonight

Please watch tonight. Then go here to help.

More info:

Sign the petition to Arkansas Government Officials

Watch the documentary:
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills


Victoria D. said...

I saw this on 48 Hours Mystery. My friends and I were just about to head out when it came on. We ended up watching the whole thing. It's ridiculous. I can't believe the case was so sloppily handled. This is one of the reasons why I oppose the death penalty.

Thx for reminding everyone about this particular issue.

-Victoria D.

Kate said...

I've been following this case for years and years and have sent money and books to Damien from time to time. So unbelievably sad. I can't believe I missed this. heading over to watch it online now. Thanks for sharing!

kim said...

@kate -- i was hoping to send a book or two as well, did you mail books directly or did you have to have it shipped from a bookstore/seller? i remember reading that somewhere...i wanted to mail it myself along with a letter but dont know if the prison will allow books sent via personal mail.

p.s. -- im sorry i havent made it over to pick up the photo i forgot at the shop yet, ive just been so bogged down with work and sinus infection, im getting nothing done! :-x

Kate said...

Kim, you have to send all books to him through his Amazon wish list (you can find it on the wm3 website). It's extremely corny and not personal one bit, but the last time I sent books, Amazon gave me the opportunity to attach a note with the order. I don't know if Damien actually GETS the note, as I'm sure they search through the shipment and discard the packaging when they arrive at the prison. Still, anything to brighten his day while he's there helps, I'm sure. Let me know what you decide to send! Also, have you read this:

It's amazing. If you don't want to buy it, I have a copy you can borrow. Just say the word.

Oh, and the print will be here for you when you arrive. No rush.

kim said...

ok, i knew about the amazon wishlist, thanks. i guess i was hoping there was another way haha. i havent read his memoir yet, but ive read excerpts and its actually in MY amazon wishlist. i'm re-reading Devil's Knot now. also, i read in one of his letters online the other day that his eyesight has gotten so bad from being in a tiny cell for so long, he can hardly read as much as he used to anymore. :(sigh.



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