Monday, February 8, 2010

Drink Up

My new project is building up a well-stocked liquor cabinet in my apartment (what can I say, it's been a long winter, and there is no immediate end in sight). While I don't plan on storing my bottles in anything this fancy - I already have a shelf picked out in my kitchen - I thought this old card catalog was a cute idea. I kind of like the look of bottles lined up, staring back at me from behind the glass of the cabinet, though. Call me old-fashioned.

How about you? Do you have a liquor cabinet in your home?

What more could I ask for than *expert* advice on which bottles to fill my shelves with? Daniel B. has graciously agreed to offer his recommendations for what should (and decidedly, what should not) make its way into my cocktail shaker at the end of a long workday. Hey, I'll take advice from one of Albany's most discerning palates anytime! Thanks Daniel.


Anonymous said...

That is cute, but I wouldn't want to shake my tonic and seltzer that much.

Also, those drawers are not big enough for the handles of vodka, rum, and Jameson.

This reminds me to get on my personal project of adding lighting to my liquor cabinet. I could take a photo but the lighting in that room is atrocious...

PS I still need those lenses back sometime... you need to come out of hibernation.

Creategirl said...

WOW what a fantastic idea! it makes each bottle of wine feel so special, I LOVE this!! Well done!

kim said...

B - you can get those lenses anytime. i'm out.

ashallann said...

this is such a fantastic idea! Where did you find the card catalog, I just adore them!

Anonymous said...

That link to what one needs to build a home bar is horrendously flawed. Do not follow their advice or brands, unless you plan on sitting on bottles of booze that will neither be consumed or enjoyed.

If you need assistance, I would only be more than happy to help. Stocking a bar from scratch is a lot of fun for me. There is no formula. It needs to suit you and your likely guests.

Seriosly, drop me a line if you need any guidance.

kim said...

@my50cheeses - what you may not know is this: i am very limited by monetary restrictions.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is limited by monetary restrictions. It changes nothing, and probably makes the task of careful selection even that much more critical.

Let's fill your bar with the best cheap booze out there.

kim said...

hey that sounds great! next up on my list are tequila and scotch/whiskey. suggest away!

Anonymous said...

Here are the suggestions from my post today. Don't know if I hit the right price point on the tequila.

But I've opened it up to my readers. Sometimes they comment a lot, sometimes not at all. We'll see what kind of mood they are in today.

Anonymous said...

*Expert* advice is only good if there are people who decide to listen to it.

I have a friend, who despite being a big fan, continues to order farmed Atlantic salmon when we are eating out at fancy restaurants.

Anyhow, I just needed to chime in as I noticed you recently mentioned a cocktail shaker.

Some drinks are shaken and some are stirred. Lots of people get this wrong. Here is the post that explains it more:

Officially, the bottom part of a cocktail shaker can perform double duty as a mixing tin. Hearing the word shaker just makes me nervous. It's a personal problem, I know.

kim said...

i'm glad you decided to comment on the use of the word shaker, because it confirms the prediction i made while typing that sentence. it was a simple attempt at some kind of witty wordplay to wrap up the post, and i purposely kept that part in while thinking: "if i write this, he will make some kind of a comment regarding a shaker." and voila! :)

anywho, thanks again for the suggestions and info. i will let you know the next time i'm contemplating a purchase - if that's alright with you.

Daniel B. said...

Well, it looks like you pegged me.

It would be my pleasure to answer your further questions. Wine, booze, cooking... whatever you need.

I shake cocktails quite a bit. More in summer than winter. I haven't written about this yet, but a good cocktail shaker should hold a significant volume.

Too many shakers are these dinky little things that do a poor job at mixing even a single drink.



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