Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Etsy Favorites: Spring Fever Edition


Kate said...

I love those nude shoes too! If only they were in my size.

I'm also loving all the vintage looks but where to wear it? Perhaps a post about that?

Love your blog!

Kate said...

Kim, check out the clothing down at The Spinning Seed now.

She's been shopping like mad and is now selling some really great vintage clothing for dirt cheap! Big sale...40-50% off all clothing. Some of the dresses she had there on my last visit remind me of the stuff you have posted here!

kim said...

i checked -- the wrap skirt with the bird had already been sold!

jess said...

oh! i love love that swiss chocolate dress, i SO WISH i was tiny enough to fit into it! Great choices, I've been favoriting like mad on Etsy lately (:



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