Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday To-Do: Christmas Cards

Today I found myself wandering around an almost-empty shopping mall...two weeks before Christmas. Every year around this time we seem to get a day of particularly nasty weather. You know, those days when they advise you to stay indoors and off of the roads. I've found that those are the most perfect times to hit the stores! There's hardly anyone around, it's like having the place all to yourself. One problem: the only shopping I got done today was for myself. Woops.

Hmm, the next thing on my "must-do" list: buy, write, and send out Christmas cards. Here are some that I'm especially liking.


Kate said...

what a lovely blog! thanks so much for featuring my silver snowflake cards. :)

Jackie said...

wow what a really nice blog! Thank you so much for featuring one of my cards :)

AlliesAdornments said...

I highly recommend the "MadeByJackie" cards! She made some for me to give for Halloween that were beyond fabulous!



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