Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"USDA figures show a decline in the nutrient content of the forty-three crops it has tracked since the 1950s. now have to eat three apples to get the same amount of iron as you would have gotten from a single apple grown in 1940.

The news of declining nutrient levels in American produce prompted The Packer, a trade publication for the produce industry, to suggest that this might actually be good for business, because people would now need to eat more produce to get the same nutritional benefit."

I suddenly had the urge today to reread this book - which I originally purchased and read when it was first released. I'm currently suffering from a second major illness in as many months, and am on my second round of antibiotics so that I can go back to work in a timely manner. It's no secret that I've been eating very badly since starting this job over a year ago, and I know that's at least partly to blame for my insufficient immune system. Time to make a change, i.e. get back to where I was a year and a half ago. It would be even better if I could get back to where we were 50 or more years ago. Maybe then I'd actually make it through a month without getting sick. Oh wait, there are other variables to consider, like the fact that my workplace forbids opening the windows, but thinks nothing of conducting ongoing construction in the building for over a year, forcing us all to breathe in unhealthy air for 8 hours each day.

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