Friday, November 26, 2010

The Family Stone

I forced myself to wait/allowed myself to watch this the morning after Thanksgiving, huddled in bed with hot pancakes and coffee (and kitty). Yes it's a Christmas movie, but seeing how I think about it all year long and start wanting to watch it around October, November 26th doesn't seem so bad. I love love LOVE everything about this movie, words cannot explain. The fact that it's 1. jammed with a bunch of my very favorite people (hello Diane Keaton, Claire Danes aka Angela Chase, Luke Wilson, COACH!, SJP and Rachel McAdams) 2. I want to live in that house, 3. it's full of awkward, painful, this-could-be-your-life moments, and of course, 4. Christmas. It's sort of a comedy, if you file it under dark comedies. It figures heavily into my rotation of Christmas movies.

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Char said...

i had to watch it twice or maybe three times before i loved it. the first time i watched it, i wept - i wept so hard because it was right after my mother had passed from secondary breast cancer. and then i tried again and it was just so brittle...but the third time - it was perfect.



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