Sunday, October 17, 2010


A few looks from an out-of-town trip this past weekend.
Our first stop was this adorable little shop ~
so many treasures and curious finds.


Seb said...

Sweet photos, great color, glad you are starting to take pics again.
PS: where is that soup recipe? :)

Kim said...

thanks :) yikes! i am going to get it to you -- it's just so much effort to sit down and type it all up, ha -- i'll get it to you soon i promise! maybe tmrw after work. i made another batch when i was home sick on friday, it came out *right* this time, since i wasn't drinking and talking while making it. :-x

Char said...

oh..i would want to take it all home.

Rachel said...

Oh! These photos are very lovely!

Kim said...

@Char - i did want to take it all home! but it was all a bit pricey :-\



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