Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Fun: Cooperstown

Headed to one of my favorite fall destinations last Saturday. I fell in love with this little town in the hills when I was going to school in Oneonta. My roommate and I would take drives to Fly Creek Cider Mill and often continued on to Cooperstown afterward. Back then, I didn't venture much further than the main street, which consisted mostly of tiny snack shops and more baseball paraphernalia than the world needs. Each year around this time I feel the urge creeping back in to walk along the historic house-lined streets, kicking up leaves and smiling back at each pumpkin that sits proudly on someone's front step.

Hydrangea bushes everywhere!

The whole town was excited for fall! Pumpkins and cornstalks and mums everywhere.

The Otesaga Hotel is incredibly grand. When we walked up a bride & her wedding party were just arriving. The size of the place is impossible to convey here. It just goes on and on. Also, dude, it is haunted! :P

The trip began and ended with a cup of something hot. It was rather chilly. The cold wind on my bare neck may or may not have contributed to the bad cold I'm suffering from now. Humph.


Char said...

looks like a great trip - love all the abundance of pumpkins

CAPow! said...

gorgeous photos! makes me want to take a drive out there! I've never visited in the fall.

Kim said...

oh fall is THE time to go! it's a fall town all the way. (in my mind, anyway). :)



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