Saturday, April 10, 2010

On the Hunt

The mad search for a new apartment has officially begun! I was feeling stressed about it all right before my week-long jaunt in Florida, but now that I'm back I'm feeling ready to take it all on. I'm having mixed feelings about leaving the place I've called home for the past two years, but there's no denying that I've just plain outgrown this tiny space. My search so far has turned up: beautiful apartments in my neighborhood, way out of my price range, and beautiful apartments within my price range, but out of my neighborhood. I will not be deterred!

To keep me motivated, I've pulled some apartment-themed inspiration photos.

I want my kitchen to look like this...

And oh! how I've waited to have my very own bedroom!

Any apartment-finding tips from you, dear readers?


FriendlyBrown said...

Don't look at an apartment if it's out of your price range. You might fall in love with it, and then be really upset that you can't have it :( Keep a positive attitude and Good Luck!

jess said...

oh dear, apartment shopping. I think the only thing harder to find than a good apartment is a decent landlord!

Anonymous said...

Kim, you should check out the Delaware Ave neighborhood. Prices are a little more realistic and you have a lot of similar stuff within walking distance, and Center Square isn't a far walk anyway. Actually there's probably something wrong with the balance of the universe if you don't live within walking distance of the Spectrum.

Kate said...

Aww, so sad! I remember reading your stories about moving into your current place. Good luck with the search!



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