Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Weekend Before

Hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away. This weekend was jam-packed with merry making. Saturday it was Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! Sunday it's Cards! Cards! Cards! My plans for wrapping gifts didn't quite happen, but that's ok since it's a three day work week.

On Friday night I had the rare opportunity to see my all-time favorite Christmas movie in its original form on the big screen. My friend Rob and I took in some classic Jimmy Stewart in the grand old Palace Theater - reason number 233 why I love my city. The old film was scratchy and jumpy in places, Donna Reed dazzled, and I couldn't help feeling that this was the way movies were meant to be seen.

{movie poster}


Sébastien Barré said...

Where. Are. The. Cookies?

kim said...


Char said...

i miss my old city that plays old movies during christmas complete with a pump organ and singalong carols before the movie.

sounds like a wonderful time.



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