Saturday, December 26, 2009

Books and movies and chocolate, Oh My!

Hope you had a lovely holiday, dear readers. The day after I'm typically left with that "now what?" feeling. For me, "now what" has consisted of leafing through new books, watching some of the DVDs left by Santa, stuffing my mouth with chocolate, and lots of serious lounging. In a couple hours I have plans to see this movie. How about you? What do you do the day after Christmas?


Vic said...

I'm with you on the lounging & choccie eating! Miss Punk watched her Christmas DVDs... it was a lovely, relaxed day & I enjoyed it immensly - so much better than lining up with hundreds of other people to claw my way into a store in an effort to throw my money away... that's what I used to do, pre-Punk!

Char said...

I'm back to work - tonight I need to put up the wrapping papers. The good thing about small christmases is there is little clean up.



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