Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Monday, Happy March!

A new week, a new month, and Spring is on the way {I keep telling myself this while the snow is falling outside...} Over the weekend I spent a little time working on my Inspiration Journal, broke in my new dishes, and completed #16 on The List by way of a surprise gift from this kind fellow (a good surprise indeed).

I was planning to wait until summer, but I guess I needed a change because I went and got my hair cut super short à la jean seberg. and i have to say, i love it.

On Sunday I discovered that one of my all-time favorite TV shows - maybe even my #1 favorite - is available to watch online. Part of me wishes I had figured this out sooner, but in a way it feels like now is just the right time to be rediscovering this special show. It's so interesting to watch each episode with such a different set of eyes than when the show first aired years ago. It's beautifully done, still makes me laugh, and can still break my heart. Good stuff.


debbie said...

oh, that show makes me so nostalgic!!

croketasoriana said...

cute pictures!

Kate said...

Someone gave me the entire series of My So Called Life for Christmas two years ago and I loved watching it all over again. It brings me back to a weird place in my life. It seems so different watching it now as opposed to 15 years ago. Funny.

kim said...

i knew that some of you would share my love for MSCL...i just had a feeling... :)

if you watched this show when you were younger, you can't watch that intro and hear that song without getting chills. at least, i cant.



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