Monday, February 21, 2011

I want to go

Actually, I just want to live in this place. You can visit Beatrix Potter's home at Hill Top Farm, looking just the same as it did when she lived and wrote there.

Beatrix Potter's house, an inspiration for many of her tales, Hill Top remains as she left it. Each room contains something that appeared in her books. Beatrix valued the house and its contents highly and when she died she left Hill Top to the National Trust, to open it to the public, on the condition that the house was kept with all her belongings in place. The lovely cottage garden is a haphazard mix of flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Gaaaaa! I want to go!!


Char said...

me too!

family law Toronto said...

a little bird..

plastic soap containers said...

don't go:)

glass shower enclosures said...

I liked always old houses..
into them especial atmosphere

Liz said...

I love Beatrix Potter!!!
I was in England a couple of years back and I went to go visit this little Glouchster shop (however you spell it) but it was closed. I was super disappointed.

kate said...

Kimmy, where art thou? No blogger, no flickr. Everything ok?

human torso models said...

there is still nothing new:(

transmission replacement Vaughan said...

but main new now is spring came!!:)
be happy everyone

corporate photographer Toronto said...

still nothing new?:(
r u ok?

car insurance broker Pickering said...

old places and houses are mysterious

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What lovely images dear!



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