Saturday, January 16, 2010

Have a Great Weekend!

Well, readers, I've about had it with winter. I'm locking myself away until spring. What about you? How are you all coping with these dark, cold days?


CAPow said...

I think I'm going to have to agree with locking myself away until spring!

ps: it was nice to meet you at uncommon grounds the other night, love your blog!

Char said...

i'm having to trudge through it to work but lately i've been buying tons of yellow flowers to remember the sunshine.

kim said...

@CAPow - hey! it was great to meet you too! i was in one of my "end of the work-day" hazes. maybe i'll see you around...think spring!

abigail said...

It was 50º here on Sunday and will be 18º on Friday.
Winter is just toying with me.

renée said...

it warmed up to 7 degrees and i am going to head to the market to get ingredients for a sauce. i like the smell of something cooking on the stove on days like this.

kim said...

@renee - ive been living off of the lemon chicken soup i made last week, im down to one more serving. i might make it again this week, it is just so good. i substituted some nice linguine for the spaghetti, tho, since i dont like spaghetti.



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