Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Saturday In May

The farmer's markets have finally begun to fill up with all sorts of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. (And bread. Ohhh, the bread). Oh, how I've missed this! When I visit the market, especially coming right off winter, I run around with a goofy grin plastered on my face, oohing and ahhing at everything in sight. I have to walk in with a fixed amount of cash, because I always end up spending whatever I have. Usually I go with a couple of friends, and Saturday mornings being what they are, we usually don't roll up until late morning. Last weekend most everything was gone by the time we arrived, so today we forced ourselves to make the trip at 9am, and wow! Getting there early is apparently where it's at. Other people seem to know this...while I was there I ran into Miss Kate!


I was hoping to hit up the drive-in at some point this weekend, but unfortunately there isn't anything good playing (no offense, Terminator and Wolverine fans). I think we'll make a trip to the indoor theaters, instead. This dvd has been sitting on my shelf for a while. Maybe I'll get a chance to watch it.

Oh, and I bought a new dress. Perfect for a cookout.

Happy Memorial Day {weekend!}


Kate said...

Yay! It was good to see you there, Kim! Glad you had a great time. And I'm even more thrilled to know you're a Langhorne Slim fan. Nice!

Char said...

I love a good farmer's market. it reminds me to go too

Joe Esposito said...

I really like the first photo!

kim said...

@joe - thanks! that one is definitely my favorite of the set :)

debbie said...

pretty! i need to go to the farmer's market more often :)

Kitty said...

such pretty pictures!



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