Saturday, November 29, 2008

It Was Perfect...

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Gina Finocchi!! xoxo

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

Right now, I'm feeling thankful for...
- good food
- friends finding happiness
- lessons i've learned

I can't wait for...
- stuffing
- cranberry sauce
- the start of the christmas season

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone.

It's coming....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2009 Calendars

Each year, I usually include a new calendar on my Christmas list. Here are some that've caught my eye recently. Hopefully Santa will come through...he usually does. ;-)

2009 Gocco Screenprinted Calendar by parrotdesignstudio

November Rain

I don't plan to make a regular feature about my day-today outfits, but today is one of those days when the clothes you're wearing just make you happy. {I don't know if I'm really "supposed" to, but I always dress more casually for work the day before a vacation}. So today, it's my favorite sweater and favorite new boots! Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone.

Skinny Jeans

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

This Monday signals the beginning of a very special week. A two-day work week. Turkey, stuffing, and all the pie you can eat. Santa's arrival in New York City. But this year, the final week in November is even more special because on Friday, one of my oldest and best friends will be getting married. Gina and I have been the closest of friends since we were thirteen, and we've been through every up and down together, side by side. I am thankful to have had her as such a wonderful friend for so many years, and I couldn't be more happy for this next phase she is about to enter in her life. At the same time I find myself feeling just a little bit sad, because the start of something new always signifies the end of something else. And although we haven't been children for quite some time, this event - more than any other - forces me to watch our childhood really fading into the past.

Etsy Crawl: Winter Accessories

Over the weekend I was out around town quite a bit attempting to take pictures in the bitter, bitter cold. It seems that the last leaf has fallen and winter has arrived overnight! I'm not a girl who likes the cold very much, and not at all after New Year's Day (although I do require chilly temps and at least some snow for the oh-so-magical December 25th). I hate to see fall go. It's time for my mind to shift gears and start seeking out those cozy hats, scarves, and mittens. Here are some cold-weather accessories I'm especially liking today...

Scarflette by TickledPinkKnits

Neo-victorian fingerless gloves by Corpseknit

Black Linen Cloche by liza rietz

Snuggly Warm Merino Armwarmers by overcast

Neckwarmer by UrbanKnit

two-toned neck warmer by kaylim

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vintage Chic Furniture - Troy NY

On Sunday I visited Vintage Chic Furniture, a new shop in Troy's Antiques District. Donna, the store's owner, opened the store on River Street about one month ago after moving to the area from Long Island. She specializes in restoring old furniture, creating custom pillows, cushions, duvet covers, and doing some upholstering. I was instantly drawn to the whites and neutral tones that dominate the cheery, light-filled store. The shop also offers some vintage and antique housewares.

Before opening Vintage Chic Furniture in Troy, Donna operated the store on Long Island. She will restore or custom paint any piece of furniture, or you can choose from the shop's over seventy unfinished items to be created especially for your home.

For more images and contact information, visit the website here: Vintage Chic Furniture

Vintage Chic Furniture
182 River St., Troy NY, 12180

Lunaticart Jewelry

I am so in love with these delicate pieces from Etsy seller lunaticart. I wish I had come across her shop sooner - I might have gotten something to wear to the wedding next week!

Friday, November 21, 2008

As fall starts to fade.....

a look back.

It was a really good one this year.

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